Asset Management

Offered Asset Management solutions are based on AMIDA® platform which allows any asset information to be managed for its entire life cycle.

The web-based Asset Management platform is able to manage more complex processes in medium to large-scale contexts. The users are then profiled according to the needs of the client such that there is a different visibility guaranteed for every single category of user. The main functions managed by the platform

  • Management of the Asset Registry – this is where the information is divided into a logical and physical table structure;
  • Management of inventory activities (direct, inverted, percentage based, data based inventory etc.);
  • Importing of external system data – this is where a computer system is already in place for the management of asset information such that the platform can interface with any of the company’s databases already in existence, allowing all information to be updated and aligned with the data base;
  • Physical management of assets - the platform can at any moment provide information with is relevant to the physical location of the assets within the company departments (internal and external borders, location, sub locations, warehouse coordinates etc.); and
  • Interfacing/Synchronisation with mobile devises.

In the Maintenance version the Asset Management Platform is enhanced by the following functions:

  • Identification of preventative maintenance plans (plans, activities, tasks)
  • Design of maintenance intervention in accordance with periodic repetition or work cycles;
  • Management and review of preventive and corrective work orders including the cost of spare parts;
  • Management of spare parts; and
  • Technical and economic reports on the progression of maintenance activities.

Both versions can be interfaced with portable devices. These devices allow operators to undertake their activities easily on site, thereby transferring the moment of information collection from the office to the operator on site. That process allows a notable saving of time, an increase in the quantity and quality of information and a punctual verification on the effective undertaking of the activity. The synchronisation with the central database can be scheduled in periodic intervals or launched at any point in time by the nominated operators.

Mobile devices can be enhanced with automated barcode identification technologies or with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

RFID powered Asset Management proved to be successful in many Industrial and Oil & Gas fields applications.